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Devdondidit takes on the Mango Habanero Wing – S01 EP 01

Vicki Mac Cullum eats her Spiciest Food Ever – S01 EP 02

Simon Orgill feels like he’s in a Leon Schuster Movie – S01 EP 03

Yuzriq Meyer Annihilates every Spicy Wing we have – S01 EP 04

Hayden Manuel Regrets eating Sneaky Hot Wings – S01 EP 05

Muffin Man shares His History while taking the Heat – S01 EP 06

Sherazaan has no Filter when it comes to Hot Food! – S01 EP 07

Siv Ngesi Cries after Only Eating the First Wing – S01 EP 08

Carl Weber thinks our wings are a joke! – S01 EP 09

Lindy Lin Eats the hot Naga Viper infused Wing – S01 EP 10

Yaaseen Barnes cries tears of Habenero Joy – S02 EP 01

ByJono Cries with Laughter and Regret – S02 EP 02

Ashher Laughs at Spicy Wings and Saucy Questions – S02 EP 03

The HeartFM Breakfast Team Put up a Sweat – S02 EP 04

Kenwyn Davids Tries to hide the Pain – S02 EP 05

Sir Brandon & Qaanita Exchange looks of Disbelief – S02 EP 06

Angelique Handles the heat and Influencer Life – S02 EP 07

TwinzSpin DJs, Jade & Shad take on Double the Heat – S02 EP 08

Nadia Jaftha’s Life Flashes Before Her Eyes – S02 EP 09