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Zondo Commission opposes Zuma’s application for an interdict against his arrest

This comes after he was found guilty of contempt of court by the highest court in the country.

Jacob Zuma was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after he was found guilty of contempt of court recently by the Constitutional Court. 

The court took a very stern and serious view at the ex-president’s blatant disrespect for the justice system and ordered that he be arrested and taken to prison by Sunday. Jacob Zuma, however, is fighting back. 

He and his legal team lodged an application for an urgent interdict against his arrest, which will be heard by the Pietermaritzburg High Court. Some of the reasons Zuma will raise as to why he should not be arrested are his old age and the state of his health, which could deteriorate if he were to spend time behind bars. 

The Zondo Commission will be opposing his application. 

According to IOL, in court papers, one of the main counter-arguments the Commission will make is that the High Court (the court in which Zuma is bringing his application) does not have the jurisdiction to suspend or vary orders of a higher court. It may only do so regarding its own orders or orders of a lower court. 

They also argue that Zuma’s application is nothing more than an abuse of the court system and part of his preference for the Stalingrad Method. 

The Commission also argues that Zuma’s case does not meet the legal requirements for an interdict and should thus also not be entertained by the court.

Maroon 5 en Meghan Thee Stallion gaan op ‘n psychedelic trip in nuwe music video

“Beautiful Mistakes” het vandag gedrop.

Maroon 5 en Meghan Thee Stallion het ‘n nuwe track saam release, “Beautiful Mistake”. Die song se music video het vandag gedrop en in dit gaan die duo op ‘n psychedelic trip deur die strate van Los Angeles. Die video bevat baie CGI materiaal. Adam Levine word gesien in ‘n pienk kar. Soos hy ry raak als meer surreal.

Later kom Meghan Thee Stallion ook op die toneel in haar eie kar, duidelik ook op ‘n trip soos sy haar dele van die song rap. Sy is ook genomineer vir die jaar se Grammy toekennings in die Best Artist category. Kyk na “Beautiful Mistakes” se music video hieronder.

Apple Music launches a new collection “Africa to the World”

It features exclusive content from the continent’s biggest artists.

Apple Music has launched a new collection called “Africa to the World”. The idea behind this initiative is to promote local, African music and stars on a global platform. Apple Music has said that African music has an influence on almost every genre of music in the world and thus deserves to be celebrated. 

The collection features loads of content, from exclusive interviews with the likes of Black Coffee, Nasty C, AKA and more. These interviews consist of video interviews and radio interviews. The content is focused on the different creative processes the artists follow and the stories behind their songs. 

It also features Apple’s Africa Now radio channels. These playlists boast the best hits by Africa’s talented musicians. Apple also asked selected artists to create their own playlists with Africa music they enjoy listening to. These guest playlists are only available on Apple Music. 

The collection doesn’t just feature audio, though. In a video section, Apple has made original, full-length documentaries available on a range of artists, including Joeboy, DJ Maphorisa, Mr Eazi and Ebro in South Africa.

Most of the collection was created with the help of local creatives. The renowned South African illustrator and street artist Karabo Poppy (of Soweto Towers, Nike and Budweiser fame) is the genius behind the campaign’s striking artwork.

Apple Music users can access the collection here: click here

Sumayya Vally kry ‘n spot op die Times100next lys

Sy het dit haar goal gemaak om African architecture te promote.

Sumayya Vally is ‘n local architect wat onlangs ‘n spot verdien het op die Times se Next 100 lys. Die lys recognise die leiers van die toekoms en mense van verskillende lande kan daarop verskyn indien Times meen hulle verdien ‘n plek. Vally se loopbaan is gefokus daarop om African architecture te promote. Sy wil deur middel van die style die kontinent se culture en heritage bevorder. Sy het aangedui dat sy nooit sal ophou om Afrika se interests as haar top prioriteit te hou nie.

Apple warns users to keep iPhone 12’s at least 15cm away from pacemakers

Its MagSafe technology could interfere with medical devices.

Apple has released a warning to users of their latest flagship, the iPhone 12. The tech giant has urged users to keep their devices at least 15cm away from medical devices, like pacemakers. This is because their new MagSafe technology could potentially interfere with medically implanted devices. Several doctors have also said that the MagSafe accessory could even interrupt devices like pacemakers, which could have dire consequences for patients. MagSafe allows iPhone users to charge their phones wirelessly and to use new creations like magnet wallets and card holders.

Doctors are calling for Ivermectin to be approved for the treatment of COVID-19 patients

Here’s what we know about the drug so far.

Ivermectin has been making waves in the fight against COVID-19 recently. Although this drug is widely known for its veterinary use, a version for human use is also produced by the pharmaceutical company. More and more research is being released that shows that the drug has a positive effect when used to treat COVID-19 patients.

Now, a group of South African doctors will be meeting with the government to urge them to label the drug as a viable, approved method of treating coronavirus cases. The World Health Organisation has already marked Ivermectin as safe for humans and children. At the moment, only Ivermectin for animal use is being officially imported to South Africa. Government approval will ensure that a safe-for-humans version of the drug can enter the country.

On social media, articles are floating around that make certain claims about Ivermectin. Finding out what is true and what is simply fake news can become tricky. That’s why we have decided to set out what we know about the drug so far:

1. What is Ivermectin, exactly?Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug, which has been used against a range of parasitic conditions, in humans and animals.

In South Africa, SAHPRA has granted access to unregistered Ivermectin in cases of resistant scabies, but the drug is not approved for human use in this country. SAHPRA has said that the drug may not be used except in “well-designed, ethically approved scientific studies”.

Seeing as it is only allowed for animal use in South Africa, farmers use it to treat livestock to prevent heartworms and acariasis, among other things.

2.How effective is it against COVID-19?

A study conducted last year found that ivermectin reduced the replication of SARS-Cov-2 by about 5,000 times in a single treatment dose over the course of 48 hours, but this was in a laboratory setting (in vitro, as these studies are called), not inside an actual human body.

In a review published in June 2020 by Nature, ivermectin was found to have antiviral activity against a range of viruses including Avian influenza A, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, HIV, and SARS-Cov-2. The review included 50 in vitro and within the body (in vivo) studies but highlighted that clinical trials were necessary to properly assess the definitive effects of ivermectin against Covid-19.

In smaller studies, such as one in India, Ivermectin was used to treat frontline workers against the Coronavirus. It showed a 73% reduction in COVID-19  infections. But the study is small and it is not clear whether it has yet been published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal.

3.Why are some people sceptical about Ivermectin?

The biggest problem is that there has been no large-scale trial of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19. The studies that have been done so far are too small and contain too many other variables for researchers to be 100% certain that Ivermectin is indeed useful against the Coronavirus.

In some case studies, Ivermectin was used in conjunction with other drugs. This makes it even harder to attribute a success rate to Ivermectin alone.

Earlier, the South African Department of Health said “The overall quality of the randomized trials involving ivermectin in Covid-19 patients is extremely low”. It also says: “From the available randomised control trial evidence, ivermectin is not superior to placebo in terms of viral load reduction or clinical progression. There is no evidence from randomised control trials for any reduction in mortality.”

4.Why do doctors want the drug to be approved in South Africa?

At the moment, people are using the veterinary version of Ivermectin to treat themselves. Doctors are concerned that this might have serious long-term consequences on patients who treat themselves in this way. By approving Ivermectin for human use, South Africa can import the human version of the drug and people can use the more appropriate version, if they so wish.

Other than that, many doctors are convinced that the drug is truly useful against COVID-19, although proper clinical trials are yet to be performed. 

Even the World Health Organisation has said that Ivermectin is worthy of further investigation when it comes to the treatment of COVID-19. They will be probing the drug and its effectiveness soon.

The group of local doctors have a meeting with the government on 2 February where they will voice their arguments for the approval of Ivermectin in South Africa. Some have described the drug as the bridge for proper treatment until COVID-19 vaccines arrive in the country. 

Belmond Mount Nelson offers luxury accommodation at discounted rate for locals

They are currently offering rooms from just R3 100 per night!

The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel is somewhat of an institution in Cape Town. Located in Orange Street, they offer a perfect combination of old-world hospitality and modern-day luxury. Typically, the Belmond Mount Nelson is filled to the brim with tourists, many of which come from overseas.

Due to the continued lockdown in South Africa, the tourism sector is facing serious financial challenges. Mount Nelson has decided to counter this situation by opening their doors to locals. For a limited time, South Africans can stay at this famous hotel from as little as R3 100 per night.

Their discounts are running until 31 March 2021. The special rates are available on their Cottage Suits and Deluxe Rooms.

The special includes a personalised concierge service, alfresco breakfast, lunch and dinner served either in your room or on a private verandah, which is nestled under the trees in the charming seclusion of the Cottage Pool garden. It can also be served in the hotel lounge, conservatory, Planet Bar and outdoor terrace.

During your stay, you can make use of two tennis courts, a tailored wellness programme (personal training and yoga) in the gardens or private gym, as well as the iconic hotel swimming pool. Their iconic tea and scones can also be enjoyed at their restaurant.

The Belmond Mount Nelson is child-friendly and located close to many Cape Town attractions, like Table Mountain, the V & A Waterfront and the Labia Theatre. This is the perfect spot for your next staycation!

Naomi Osaka is the new Louis Vuitton House Ambassador

She made the announcement on Instagram, saying that she has bought her mother a LV bag every year since the age of 16.

Naomi Osaka has recently announced on her Instagram account that she is the latest Louis Vuitton House Ambassador. This comes after the postponement of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics where Osaka was set to play. She is ranked No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association, and is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles.

Osaka has already completed her first photoshoot for the brand. She was shot by Louis Vuitton’s photographer and Women’s Fashion Director, Nicolas Ghesquière. The material from this shoot will form part of the luxury brand’s spring-summer 2021 campaign.

Judging from her announcement post, it seems that the tennis player has a personal connection with Louis Vuitton.

 “Wow this is actually crazy,” she wrote. “Honored to be @louisvuitton newest House Ambassador. Funny story: I first bought my mom a LV bag when I was 16 as a birthday present and it’s kinda been a tradition since. Do I call this a full circle moment? Yes.”

Osaka also said that apart from tennis, her biggest passion in life is fashion. According to her, Louis Vuitton is one of the most established brands in the fashion industry and she is honoured to represent them this year.

In a statement she released on the partnership, she said that she is also very excited to work with legends like Ghesquière, who photographed her during her first shoot for the brand.

“It is such an honor to work with Nicolas— he’s a designer I admire so much and we share a mutual love of Japanese culture and style. To become a global brand ambassador is truly a dream come true for me,” the statement read.

Louis Vuitton has expressed their excitement for their partnership with Osaka too, stating that her convictions, hard work and values are among the qualities that they admire most about her.

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Manatee found in the US found with “Trump” carved into its back

The perp could face a $50 000 fine.

In the US, a manatee was found with “Trump” carved into its back. Manatees are endangered species and the act thus qualifies as a violation of the Endangered Species Act. The perpetrator could face a fine of $50 000 or a year in a federal prison. The authorities are conducting an investigation into finding the guilty party. In the county where the manatee was found, Trump scored a whopping 70% of election votes in his favour during the 2020 US election.

Is WhatsApp really unsafe?

Some argue that WhatsApp’s encryption is more robust than that of Telegram

WhatsApp recently introduced users with a notice of a change to their privacy policy. This has led to outrage among users, many who are opting to now switch to apps like Telegram and Signal.

The change in their privacy policy mainly concerns business messaging, not personal messaging. Under their new terms, WhatsApp will collect and share information with other companies in the Facebook Group for advertising purposes. The information that will be collected is mainly phone numbers of WhatsApp contacts, profile pictures, statuses and diagnostic data.

WhatsApp uses a very high-end, sophisticated end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you’re communicating with can read or listen to what is sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp. This means that WhatsApp cannot track or store the contents of users’ chats. This type of encryption is enabled by default on WhatsApp. 

On alternative messaging apps, like Telegram, end-to-end encryption is not enabled by default. The only way to use secure encryption on Telegram is to use its “secret chats” feature. This function is only available for “chats” between two users. In theory, therefore, Telegram has access to your messages which are not set to be marked as “secret chats” and they store this for 12 months.

Based on this comparison, one can say that WhatsApp is more secure than Telegram, seeing as end-to-end encryption is available by default on WhatsApp. In Telegram’s privacy policy, they explicitly state that they track users’ messages in cloud chats such as messages, photos, videos and documents, which goes beyond what WhatsApp tracks under their latest privacy terms. 

WhatsApp has been pushing to turn its messaging platform into a modern eCommerce portal, where users can easily do business with companies and brands. The new privacy policy is part of its efforts to add these new features. 

If users do not accept the messaging app’s new privacy policy, they will be unable to use WhatsApp from 8 February 2021.