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Does Crime Pay? – Where is the Tinder Swindler now?

We’ve all watched the ‘Con of the century’ documentary on Netflix – Tinder Swindler in which Simon Leviev persuaded women he met on the popular dating app to lend him large sums of money by making equally unbelievable claims: that he was a billionaire whose enemies were trying to track him down and that, for security reasons, he couldn’t use his own credit cards, ultimately defrauding women out of an estimated 10 million in total.

Simon was arrested in 2019 and sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud by Israeli authorities. Netflix released the documentary in February 2022, which came with backlash from Simon Leviev threatening to sue. Apparently, Leviev is considering a Hollywood career, and is now working with a manager named Gina Rodriguez. 

According to sources, he is interested in creating a dating show where multiple women would compete for his affection unlike the woman affected by his wrong doing, nothing has developed as of yet . Simon gained a considerable amount of fame on Instagram with approximately 100k followers where he flaunts a lavish lifestyle on his private account. He also set up a website to offer business consulting, but he’s subsequently taken it down, going on to starting a real estate career instead and according to his website, he has a net worth of tens of millions of dollars that he allegedly made through real estate. 

Besides charging $20,000 for appearances at nightclubs, Leviev is also featured on the celebrity video greeting service Cameo, which can cost $200 to $1,000. Simon has also confirmed his relationship with gorgeous girlfriend Kate Konlin – an Israeli model despite his dreams to move away to Hollywood. She is seen being spoiled with luxury gifts, and still believes that the charming fraudster is a hotshot property dealer who makes money legitimately.

Riky Rick – South Africa says Goodbye to the Legend

Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, popularly know as Riky Rick was laid to rest today, the 1st of March 2022, after his tragic suicide that sent shockwaves across South Africa. He left behind his daughter, his wife and 5 siblings. The funeral was a private ceremony held in Johannesburg amongst close friends and family.

Riky Rick was a rapper, singer, and songwriter from South Africa. He started his own record label Cotton Club Records, founded The Cotton Fest, a yearly music festival that attracted thousands and became an iconic event for South Africa. He also started Legends Barbershop and grew the chain to become a nation wide brand. He was a member of Boyz N Bucks and when his single “Nafukwa” was released in 2014, he shot to fame and produced some of South Africa’s top hits. Riky had a reputation for developing and nurturing new musical talent and was known for his beautiful soul, caring and loving personality and his supportive nature that inspired millions.

South Africa mourns the death of this legend and shows the utmost support to his family who are asking for privacy during this difficult time. 

Euphoria’s Drama didn’t end on screen!

Apparently the Euphoria actors script wasn’t the only drama on set. A few of the actors had a dispute with Sam Levinson who is the director and writer of the entire series. It’s claimed that Jules and Nate were supposed to have a steamy scene, however there was tension on set with trio Nate, Rue and Jules. 

Discomfort was present when Zendaya’s ex-fling Jacob Elordi (Nate Jacobs) and his co-star Jules (Hunter Schafer) had to display a different affection on camera. It’s said that Zendaya’s break up with Elordi wasn’t the best and now they try to avoid each other on set as much as possible. The scene was rewritten with Cassie but not without a little sneak peak of what it was supposed to be when Nate fantasises having intercourse with Cassie, the scene quickly cuts to Jules and then back to Cassie. Hope we didn’t spoil too much but who knows, maybe Sam Levinson is preparing us for the third season, however with all the drama behind the scenes we’re guessing that season 3 might be the end of the iconic show. With so many great actresses being sidelined in season 2 a lot of backlash came from Kat’s (Barbie Ferreira) story being cut out, however that’s not the only problem, not only has it been said that the show was re-written 7 times but also that the main focus has been Nate due to speculations of him leaving the show. With our brilliant female actors; Maddy, Mckay and Jules not given much screen time a lot of fans don’t agree with the young females being sidelined. Let’s hope Sam Levinson will change his ways in the renewed Season 3. 

The Kanye Saga Continues

The Kanye saga never ends and now released screenshots of him and Kims conversation has caused another stir on social media.

Shortly after admitting to his wrongdoing, Ye posted — and quickly deleted — a number of posts about Kim and appeared to accuse her of stopping him from seeing their children.

The pair — whose divorce proceedings began over a year ago — have been embroiled in conflict since the weekend, when Ye was criticized for sharing distressing messages allegedly sent by his estranged wife.

The 44-year-old rapper shared screenshots of messages where the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star apparently calls out his actions and says that he’s creating a “dangerous and scary environment” for her boyfriend, SNL star Pete Davidson.


Gert-Johan Coetzee x Ricoffy bucket hat launched

The piece symbolises peace and unity in South Africa.

Seeing as Heritage Day has recently come and gone, it seems quite fitting that Gert-Johan Coetzee teamed up with Ricoffy to create a new fashion item that celebrates unity and peace in Mzanzi. 

The celebrated local designer decided to collaborate with Ricoffy, one of the most iconic brands in the country, to create a limited-edition bucket hat. The hat features all sorts of slang phrases written all over it and it is made in the yellow colour associated with Ricoffy tins. 

“I wanted a bucket hat that celebrates South Africanness. I started with the print by creating a conversation piece. The print originated from the South African couture collection that I showcased last year. I wanted to create something that you can wear in your head that everybody identifies within a very original way,” said Coetzee in an interview with IOL.

For Coetzee, Heritage Day is a time to reflect on where the country came from and where we are headed. This is exactly why he wanted to join the conversation through his form of art: fashion.

Clothes created by Gert-Johan Coetzee have made the wishlists of many South African shoppers in recent years. Coetzee has worked with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Kristen Cavallari, Kourtney Kardashian, Bonang Matheba, Rolene Strauss, and Minnie Dlamini. He has also said on numerous occasions that he is constantly pushing himself to excel in his craft and to push traditional boundaries in fashion.

The limited-edition bucket hat was unveiled on 23 September, which also marked Ricoffy’s 50th birthday.

Mural of Desmond Tutu desecrated in Cape Town

The artwork was defaced with the k-word.

Over the weekend, a mural of Archbishop Desmon Tutu was desecrated by an unknown person. The artwork was defaced with the words “Ek is ‘n k—–” written on it.

The Desmond Tutu IP Trust has condemned this incident, calling it a “loathsome” act. They added that this shows exactly how much work still needs to be done in South Africa to achieve true equality and understanding for one another.

“The Arch is about to celebrate his 90th birthday. He is the grandfather of the nation, and a global symbol of peace and righteousness. Racism is a curse South Africa must escape. We have enough problems on our plate, including radical inequality in wealth and living standards still largely tracking the social, economic and environmental hierarchies of the past,” the trust’s spokesperson, Mamphela Ramphele said.

This kind of hate is not something new to the Archbishop. The trust explained that in the 1980s, during the height of South Africa’s fight against Apartheid, Tutu was regularly the target of hateful attacks, often fueled by racial tension.

“Despite the Archbishop’s consistent advocacy for non-racialism, justice, compassion and love, because of the prominence of his position in the church and the struggle, he was widely reviled in white society. If looks could kill he would have been dead many times over, he has often said.”

The trust continued: “For this hatred to be repeated, decades later, by someone scrawling, ‘Ek is ‘n k…’, on a mural of the Archbishop in central Cape Town, casts a slur on our democracy. It speaks to the work still ahead to complete the journey, his journey, to restore our humanity,” the trust went on to say.

From political corners, the GOOD party spearheaded by Patricia de Lille has called for the perpetrator to be brought to book. A spokesperson for the party said that this act goes against the very fiber of what South Africa’s modern, inclusive society is supposed to be.

So far, the investigation into finding the guilty party of parties is still underway.

Nigerian designer Emmanuel Okoro wins top fashion prize in Paris

He won the Africa Fashion Up award, presented by Balenciaga.

In Paris, the celebrated Nigerian designs, Emmanuel Okoro has won the inaugural Africa Fashion Up prize, which was presented in collaboration with Balenciaga. The award ceremony is aimed at putting African fashion designers on the international stage and setting up meaningful partnerships which will enable them to take their brands to the next level.

Okoro was one of just five shortlisted artists who were nominated for the award. As the winner, Okoro has received a 6-month mentorship with Balenciaga, arguably one of the biggest fashion brands in the world.

He was joined by Guy Fabrice Sullivan, the Ivorian designer behind the Zaady label; Zak Koné, also from Ivory Coast, founder of eveningwear brand Pelebe; Baay Sooley and Laure Tarot, the designers behind Senegalese streetwear brand Bull Doff, and Natasha Jaume and Carina Louw, founders of South African women’s wear brand Erre.

Besides getting the chance to attend masterclasses presented by Balenciaga, the nominees also networked with buyers from Galeries Lafayette and visited the workshop of Imane Ayissi. 

The competition was open to fashion designers younger than 40 and whose labels are at least 2 years old. 

Okoro blew the judging panel away with his sharp tailoring using Akwete cloth in a palette of citrus colors.

In recent years, African designers have been getting more attention in the Parisian fashion scene and the greater Europe.

New Zealand police arrest South African mom who allegedly killed her three children

A new report suggests the children were strangled.

In New Zealand, a South African family originally from Pretoria’s three children were found dead by their father recently. According to a new report into what caused their death it has been suggested that the children were strangled with cable ties.

Lauren Dickason, the children’s mother and a 40-year-old doctor has been arrested and accused of murdering their twins aged two and their six-year-old sister. She appeared in court in New Zealand on Saturday.

During the court proceedings, the judge remanded Dickason to a mental institute for physiatric evaluation. She will be staying there to complete tests until 5 October.

Jade Whaley, the family’s neighbour, told Rapport she and her husband were watching television and heard two screams followed by a man crying hysterically. “Is this really happening,” he kept asking.

During her court appearance, Dickason wore a grey hoodie and mainly kept her eyes faced down to the floor as court officials and lawyers were making their case against her.

Several old colleagues of Dickason who worked with her and her husband at Pretoria East Hospital said they were a “perfectly normal” family. 

“He is what you would call a genuinely nice guy … she was more of an introvert; quiet, but very humble, It wasn’t strange that she didn’t speak much, it was just her nature,” the ex-colleague told the publication. 

The children were found dead on Thursday. The community has since pulled together and has been continuously placing flowers at the address where the tragedy occurred.

Enhle Mbali hits back at claims that she cannot pay her electricity bill

Over the weekend, a local publication reported that she and her two sons are currently living in darkness.

Over the weekend, City Press reported that Enhle Mbali and her two sons are living in darkness, because she is unable to pay her electricity bills. Now, however, Mbali has hit back, saying that this is simply not the case.

According to the report, sources close to Black Coffee’s ex-wife confirmed that she is facing financial trouble, leaving her unable to afford basic necessities, like keeping the lights on. The report went on to claim that Mbali’s lavish lifestyle is becoming too much for her to afford.

Mbali and her mother, Bongi Mlotshwa, were quick to dismiss these allegations when they surfaced.

On social media, Mbali said that she was being stalked by City Press. In a video posted on her Instagram Stories, Mbali, seen walking through her house, says she was away in Durban.

“I just came back from a trip right, and I got a call from a publication, City Press. They were saying they’ve been roaming around my house the whole week, and noticed there was no one home or there was a blackout. Is that legal? Is that not stalking? What do you guys think I should do?” she asked.

Her mother, a celebrity make-up artist, also denied the claims made in the report n social media.

“Light attracts darkness…@city_press lying is really sad. And watching a woman journalist being used for lies is very sad. How far can you drag her with your lies,” she wrote.

The electricity saga has been dragging on for months for Mbali. In May, she suggested that Black Coffee cut her electricity supply. Black Coffee responded on Twitter, calling Mbali a liar.

“Stop lying!!! The lies are too much. I won’t be quiet anymore. The children you publicly claim to be protecting are suffering because (of) your lifestyle”, he said.

In the following tweet, the DJ said he took care of the household expenses.

“I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses. I take care of all the kids and their school needs. On top of all this, since November I’ve been paying 65K towards you and the kids. After our separation, I got you a fully paid car in your name,” he said.

Severity of the fourth wave depends on vaccinations, says Cyril Ramaphosa

The fourth wave of infections is expected to arrive during Summer.

According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the severity fo the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections depends on the success rate of the country’s vaccination drive. The president was responding to questions in parliament on Friday when MP’s asked him about the country’s readiness to respond to a spike in infections.

Ramaphosa went on to say that the only way the country can reopen “normal” activities is if most citizens opt to get vaccinated. Cabinet has recently indicated that they are thinking about making vaccines mandatory, but this is a “last resort”. Other institutions, like certain universities, have indicated that they too are considering making the jabs a prerequisite for students and staff, which has led to public outcry.

“If we can vaccinate a large enough proportion of our population – particularly the adult population – by December, we can avoid another devastating wave of infections and restrictions on the economy,” he said.

The President added that those who choose not to get vaccinated not only pose a threat to their health and the health of others, but also prolong the country’s economic hardship.

“We, therefore, all have a responsibility to encourage all South Africans over the age of 18 to go to their nearest vaccination site today to protect themselves, to protect others and to help all of us get our economy back on track.

“Above all, vaccines are free in our country, they are safe, and they are effective.” Despite the push for vaccinations, Ramaphosa said that no one should be forced to be vaccinated.

A fourth wave of Coronavirus infections is expected to hit South Africa during the height of the Summer season.

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