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Kevin Hart signs Netflix deal for four exclusive movies

He will star in the films and produce them

Netflix has signed a deal with Kevin Hart through his company, HartBeat Productions which will secure four exclusive movies from Hart on Netflix. Hart partnered with Netflix most recently for his comedy special Zero F**ks Given, which Netflix says was the “#1 Netflix comedy special in 2020,”. Hart’s films have grossed about $4 billion on the global box office, which means partnering with him is a lucrative investment for Netflix. The deal is a multiyear one, meaning that the four films will be spread out over the course of a few years on the video streaming platform.

Health Passport Europe aims to safely reopen the SA events industry

They use rapid COVID-19 testing to determine if guests can enter a venue.

Big Concerts and The Entertainment Group has partnered with Health Passport Europe in a bid to safely reopen the local events industry. The Irish company uses reliable rapid COVID-19 testing at event venues to determine if guests may enter a festival or show. Results of the tests are privately and securely sent to a guest’s phone via the Health Passport App. This app needs to be scanned upon entry at a venue. If a person has tested positive for COVID-19, they are denied entry. The system was successfully tested in December 2020 at an event at the V & A Waterfront. Health Passport is already being used in countries like Portugal and Italy.

Facebook has launched a city guide for Jozi

It’s the first African city to receive its own Facebook Guide.

Facebook has launched its “JoziPlug Community Guide”, making Johannesburg the first city in Africa to join the global community guides initiative. Local Facebook groups that feature captivating content about the city put together the Jozi iteration of the guide. ‘Facebook Community City Guides’ is a global initiative from the social media company. It aims to highlight the best attractions of a given city, curated by experienced local travelers. Facebook chose to create a guide for this city due to its diversity and vibrant population.

Photographer uses a remote controlled car to capture nature

He got within 2 meters of wild animals with the device.

A Irish photographer came up with the unique idea of using a remote controlled car to capture incredible images of wild animals in their natural habitat. Graeme Purdy managed to get within 2 meters of animals like lions and gorillas with a camera strapped to a remote controlled car.

He took the images in Uganda and they form part of his latest photo book, “Eight Feet”. The title references how close his camera got to the animals he captured.


“Wet paint” benches donated to Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

Baba Tjeko and Lauren Colin Mitchell are behind this social distance campaign.

With social distancing set to remain the norm for the foreseeable future, two award-winning creatives created “wet paint” benches to encourage people to keep their distance. The benches feature a middle section that is beautifully painted, with a warning that indicates that areas as “wet paint”, thereby deterring people from sitting there and ultimately, not adhering to social distancing. Surprisingly, when the benches were set up around Johannesburg, they actually worked. Now, the artistic duo has decided to donate these benches to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

Floyd Mayweather to face Logan Paul in the ring

This exhibition match will take place early in the new year.

The American professional boxing promoter, The American professional boxing promoter, Floyd Mayweather recently announced that he is set for an exhibition boxing match against well-known YouTube personality Logan Paul at an undetermined venue early next year. This will be Mayweather’s second exhibition match since retiring. The event is likely to be live streamed on YouTube as well.

HIV medication soon to be available in strawberry flavour

Thy are being developed for the treatment of children.

Dolutegravir, an HIV medication, will soon be sold in an easily dissolved, strawberry-flavoured tablet. They are designed for the treatment of children. HIV medication often does not taste too good and studies have suggested that the taste-factor is an important one when it comes to getting young ones to swallow medication. About 160 000 children are infected with HIV every year, making this medication a necessity in the treatment of the disease among children.

Black Lives Matter ranked most influential art in 2020

It is the first time a movement and not a person has received this accolade.

In a first, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has claimed the number one spot in an annual power list that ranks movers and shakers of the contemporary art world. The Top 100 Most Influential Art list is compiled annually by ArtReview. They named the BLM as the most influential art topic as it has had a global unprecedented effect on how artists convey their message of solidarity. “It had brought and accelerated change at every level in the art world whether by statue toppling, raising the visibility of black artists, appointments or “the rush by galleries to diversify their rosters … in museums rethinking who they represent and how they do it,” they said.

Euphoria special episode released

A further special episode will be released in 2021.

The hit-series, Euphoria, has released the first part of their new special episodes. Part 1 is focused on Rue, the main character of the series. The episode gives us a unique look into the sadness and emotions of Rue. Many have labeled the episode as extremely upsetting. The second part of this special has been confirmed to come out on 24 January 2021.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky confirmed to be dating

This is after they were spotted on a date with friends over the weekend

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s rumoured relationship has been confirmed after the pair went out for dinner with friends in New York at the weekend. Rumours of their relationship started to surface in January of this year after they reportedly shared a hotel room at an event. Since the date, a source has confirmed to PEOPLE Magazine that the rumours are true and they are indeed a couple. Apparently, Rihanna did not want to put a label on their relationship too soon as she and her previous boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, split up earlier this year