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Netflix kan nou shows outomaties aflaai wat jy waarskynlik van sal hou

Android users kan van vandag af die nuwe update install. Netflix can now download shows that they will probably like, based on their viewing history.

Netflix het aangekondig dat alle Android users gebruik kan maak van hulle nuwe outomatiese download funksie. Die smartphone app sal nou self besluit watter flieks en series om vir users af te laai, gebaseer op vorige shows wat hulle gekyk het. Wanneer jy die nuwe update aflaai moet jy eers opt-in om die nuwe funksie te gebruik. Jy kan dan ook vir die app laat weet hoeveel spasie jy vir die downloads will beskikbaar maak. Dit kan enigiets tussen 1 en 5GB wees. Netflix sal binnekort die funksie vir Apple devices ook moontlik maak.

Local TikTok-stêr kry heavy backlash oor feminisme-video

In die video maak Troy Sheperds comments oor goed soos ‘men are trash’, toxic masculinity en white privilege. Local TikTok star faces heavy backlash after releasing a video about feminism.


Die local TikTok-stêr, Troy Sheperds, het heavy backlash gekry nadat hy feminisme in ‘n nuwe video kritiseer het. In die video het hy comments gemaak oor ‘men are trash’, toxic masculinity en white privilege.


Hy het die video so gemaak dat hy in elke segment phrases herhaal wat vir hom irriteer. Mense op TikTok en Twitter meen hulle is teleurgesteld in sy ignorance en dat sulke video’s juis deel van die probleem is. Troy het aan IOL gesê dat TikTok ‘n diverse platform is en dat hy sy opnie mag uitdruk, sou hy dit wou doen.


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Cape Town shortlisted for global urban innovation award

The Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation recognises innovations that improve social and economic sustainability in cities.

The City of Cape Town has recently been placed on the shortlist for The Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation. This programme aims to recognise innovations that improve social, economic and environmental sustainability in cities and regions. By making these improvements, cities ultimately increase the quality of life for the people who live in them. The city was recognised as a nominee because of its partnership with GreenCape, which aims to grow and expand the green economy in the Western Cape.


MTI Bitcoin-skema is die grootste crypto-scam nog ooit

Meer as 16 000 Bitcoin is gesteel deur MTI se topbestuur.

Die MTI Bitcoin platform het teen die einde van verlede jaar inmekaargestort. Gebruikers het begin agterkom hulle kan nie meer in log om hulle Bitcoin te onttrek nie. Die platform het so gewerk dat mense Bitcoin oorbetaal aan MTI en hulle dit dan namens jou verhandel sodat jou Bitcoin groei. Op ‘n stadium was daar meer as 16 000 Bitcoin op MTI gelaai! Dit was egter te goed om waar te wees en duisende mense moes hulle beleggins koebaai roep toe MTI se baas, Johan Steynberg eweskielik net verdwyn het. Na dit gebeur het kon niemand meer hulle Bitcoin onttrek nie. Nou het die maatskappy, Chainalysis, hierdie episode as die grootste crypto scam nog ooit bestempel. Hulle het vir mense gewaarsku dat enige Bitcoin-platform wat belowe om buiten gewone groei te waarborg amper altyd ‘n scam is.

Lawyer appears in virtual court with a cat filter on

He has said he wants to start selling merch after the clip went viral. Last week, a Texas lawyer attended virtual court via Zoom. He had the internet in stitches, though, because he had a cat filter turned on. The filter made his entire face look like that of a kitten. At one point, he told the judge his assistant is trying to help him turn the filter off because he doesn’t know how to do it.

The lawyer has seen an opportunity after the ordeal, though. He has said that he wants to start selling merch based on the viral video. Other than that, he also wants to start selling courses and training material on how others can avoid such blunders.

Jou fibre-spoed kan dalk verdubbel

Dit sal geen ekstra kostes inhou nie.

Ocotel is een van die land se grootste fibre maatskappye. Hulle voorsien tans internetlyne aan meer as 2.4 million huishoudings in Suid-Afrika. Hulle het onlangs aangekondig dat hulle die spoed van hulle fibre-lyne gaan verdubbel, sonder om meer geld daarvoor te vra. Octotel voorsien egter net lyne – mense se internet service providers sal op die einde van die dag moet besluit hoe hulle die nuwe spoed vir huishoudings gaan aanbied. Maar sover lyk dit asof hulle bereid gaan wees om vir users op te gradeer sonder enige verhoging in prys. Dit lyk asof hulle dit doen omdat ander fibre maatskappye soortgelyke opgraderings begin aanbied het sedert die begin van die lockdown.

Birkenstocks hits all-time high valuation as a result of the global pandemic

Currently, they are valued at about R71 billion.

Since the start of the pandemic, demand for luxury shoes like high-heels has declined by 21%. In comparison, searches for comfortable slippers have gone up by an astounding 242%, reports The Guardian. This is exactly why Birkenstocks has continued to show excellent growth, despite the global pandemic. The brand is 247 years old and focuses on creating comfortable, orthopedic shoes that are sold around the world. Their sudden increase in sales makes sense. People are staying at home, not dressing up, and have no events to go to. Birkenstocks are thus the perfect shoe for those looking to stay stylish while prioritising comfort. Currently, there is a bidding war going on to acquire a large stake in the company. Birkenstocks has been valued at a whopping R71 billion in a recent evaluation.

Bitcoin soars after Tesla buys $1.5 billion worth of the cryptocurrency

Tesla said it will soon be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its cars.

Elon Musk has openly admitted to being obsessed with cryptocurrencies. It comes as no surprise, then, that his company, Tesla, just bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. After this big purchase, the value of bitcoin spiked and investors were excited about yet another major company entering the Bitcoin-arena. Tesla has indicated that they will soon be allowing clients to pay for their cars and other products with Bitcoin. Commenting on the purchase, Elon Musk admitted that the investment is risky, but the decentralised model is more appealing to him than the potential risks.


Buhle Samuels shows off her “silhouette challenge” in latest Instagram post

The challenge started as a body positivity movement. Buhle Samuels showcased her version of the “silhouette challenge” to her 1.1 million followers on Instagram recently. The movement has been around for a while and many thought it had died down. Until this South African influencer resurrected it!

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The idea of the challenge is to empower people to show off their bodies by using a red light filter and dark hallway. For her challenge, the Muvhango star dances in front of the camera in a bathrobe before the red filter appears. Have a look at the video below.      

Justin Bieber reportedly ordered a heavily-modified Rolls Royce

It’s a Rolls Royce Wraith with upgrades to the panels and engine to make it look like a car from the future.

West Coast Customs, a custom car manufacturer in Los Angeles, has unveiled their latest project. They turned a Rolls Royce Wraith into a futuristic-looking model for a client who they did not name. Various social media influencers and publications are, however, saying that the car was commissioned by Justin Bieber.


The singer enjoys splurging on exotic machinery, with his collection reportedly including cars like the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport and Lamborghini Aventador. The custom car is based on the Rolls Royce EX103 Vision Next 100 Concept car, which Super Car Blondie first reviewed in 2019 and called “the car of 2035”. Although the modifications to the outside panels of the car are obvious, West Coast Customs did not reveal what upgrades were done to the engine.