She had 500 000 subscribers before the backlash started.

Jordan Cheyenne, a well-known YouTuber, has deleted her channel on the video platform after fans gave her heavy backlash for forcing her crying son to pose for a video thumbnail photo.

Cheyenne has been making videos for the past 8 years. Her content mainly focuses on her daily activities and life as a single mother. She also made a selection of fitness videos that focused on workouts one can do at home.

Last week, Cheyenne posted a video explaining that her new puppy had been diagnosed with parvovirus, a condition common in unvaccinated dogs and puppies that can be fatal.

The video was titled “We are heartbroken”. It has since been deleted, but clips of it are doing the rounds on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In the clip, Cheyenne is seen pulling her son Christian toward her and instructing him to “act like you’re crying,” to which he responds, “I am crying.”

Cheyenne can be seen giving her clearly upset son a series of instructions “for the video”, telling him how to pose, how to force his facial expression and where to look so that she can get the shot she wants for her video. Before shutting off the camera, she tells her son, “It’s OK, it’s OK, it’s over.”

In a later video, the influencer said after the negative response she re-uploaded the vlog without the footage of her telling her son to pose, before taking down the video altogether later that day.

After the release of the controversial video, she lost about 1,000 subscribers on Wednesday. The same day, Cheyenne posted a video titled “I am immensely disappointed in myself”. In that video, she told her subscribers that she watched the original video again and she was disgusted by her behaviour.