Over the weekend, a local publication reported that she and her two sons are currently living in darkness.

Over the weekend, City Press reported that Enhle Mbali and her two sons are living in darkness, because she is unable to pay her electricity bills. Now, however, Mbali has hit back, saying that this is simply not the case.

According to the report, sources close to Black Coffee’s ex-wife confirmed that she is facing financial trouble, leaving her unable to afford basic necessities, like keeping the lights on. The report went on to claim that Mbali’s lavish lifestyle is becoming too much for her to afford.

Mbali and her mother, Bongi Mlotshwa, were quick to dismiss these allegations when they surfaced.

On social media, Mbali said that she was being stalked by City Press. In a video posted on her Instagram Stories, Mbali, seen walking through her house, says she was away in Durban.

“I just came back from a trip right, and I got a call from a publication, City Press. They were saying they’ve been roaming around my house the whole week, and noticed there was no one home or there was a blackout. Is that legal? Is that not stalking? What do you guys think I should do?” she asked.

Her mother, a celebrity make-up artist, also denied the claims made in the report n social media.

“Light attracts darkness…@city_press lying is really sad. And watching a woman journalist being used for lies is very sad. How far can you drag her with your lies,” she wrote.

The electricity saga has been dragging on for months for Mbali. In May, she suggested that Black Coffee cut her electricity supply. Black Coffee responded on Twitter, calling Mbali a liar.

“Stop lying!!! The lies are too much. I won’t be quiet anymore. The children you publicly claim to be protecting are suffering because (of) your lifestyle”, he said.

In the following tweet, the DJ said he took care of the household expenses.

“I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses. I take care of all the kids and their school needs. On top of all this, since November I’ve been paying 65K towards you and the kids. After our separation, I got you a fully paid car in your name,” he said.