The fourth wave of infections is expected to arrive during Summer.

According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the severity fo the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections depends on the success rate of the country’s vaccination drive. The president was responding to questions in parliament on Friday when MP’s asked him about the country’s readiness to respond to a spike in infections.

Ramaphosa went on to say that the only way the country can reopen “normal” activities is if most citizens opt to get vaccinated. Cabinet has recently indicated that they are thinking about making vaccines mandatory, but this is a “last resort”. Other institutions, like certain universities, have indicated that they too are considering making the jabs a prerequisite for students and staff, which has led to public outcry.

“If we can vaccinate a large enough proportion of our population – particularly the adult population – by December, we can avoid another devastating wave of infections and restrictions on the economy,” he said.

The President added that those who choose not to get vaccinated not only pose a threat to their health and the health of others, but also prolong the country’s economic hardship.

“We, therefore, all have a responsibility to encourage all South Africans over the age of 18 to go to their nearest vaccination site today to protect themselves, to protect others and to help all of us get our economy back on track.

“Above all, vaccines are free in our country, they are safe, and they are effective.” Despite the push for vaccinations, Ramaphosa said that no one should be forced to be vaccinated.

A fourth wave of Coronavirus infections is expected to hit South Africa during the height of the Summer season.