Shots were also fired during the chase.

The police arrested three men who reportedly hijacked a woman in Cape Town. A high-speed chase ensued after officers responded to the scene. Shots were also fired during the dramatic hunt.

The police received information that a woman was robbed at gunpoint in Zeekoe Road, Grassy Park, on Thursday morning by three men who forced her out of her vehicle.

Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi, spokesperson for the police, said the suspects jumped into the stolen Toyota Fortuner and sped off. 

“The vehicle’s tracker was activated and a high-speed chase followed when members of the Flying Squad spotted the vehicle,” said Swartbooi.

According to Swartbooi, the suspects ignored police calls to stop the vehicle and continued to evade police, bumping into a number of other cars on the road. The police were left with no choice but to open fire.

“The police members fired numerous gunshots at the hijacked vehicle,” said Swartbooi.

Video footage soon started to surface on social media, showing the SUV trying to get away from the police as the chase sped on through Ottery. Despite the shots that were fired, the hijackers continued to try and outrun the law.

Eventually, though, the vehicle was brought to a halt at the Ottery Shopping Centre. The suspects were arrested and they are aged 17, 36, and 37. According to the arresting officers, the suspects were in possession of a fake firearm too.

“Once charged they are expected to make a court appearance in the Wynberg magistrate’s court on a charge of hijacking,” said Swartbooi.