According to the party, they are facing financial difficulties.

Crowdfunding is a great way of getting your audience to buy into an idea, even if it is a political one. The ANC has recently discovered the wonders of crowdfunding after using Twitter to ask their constituents to make financial donations to their party.

Their tweet asked supporters to “…make your contribution to African National Congress Fundraising.”

In the image shared in the tweet, the party’s banking details are stated.

The ANC’s spokesperson, Pule Mabe, confirmed that the campaign is by no means a scam, “Political parties from time to time pick up financial challenges because of growing commitments that they may have, things have changed now we have the political funding act, it is because of the economic situation we are now finding ourselves in.”

The political funding act he referred to is a new piece of legislation that forces political parties to disclose information about their supporters who make large donations. Since the enactment of this law, supporters have been weary to put their money behind parties, because they fear their identity will be revealed.

He went on to say, “We are confident that the kind of fundraising approach that is being looked at will take the ANC out of the current problem we find ourselves in.” Which, again, doesn’t include much by way of explanation. The party is in need of money to take care of an economic situation, but they’re being a little delicate in explaining what that might be.

Media24, however, reported that the call for funds comes after the ANC was unable to pay staff members, who are threatening to go on strike if they do not receive their salaries. The SABC also reports that this crowdfunding initiative is aimed at paying salaries, some of which haven’t been paid for up to two months.