They created South Africa’s first patented Public Alarm system.

Memeza Shout is a black-woman-owned company that has just won R100K at an investment competition. 

AYO Technology Solutions saw potential in the company, which has developed South Africa’s first patented public alarm system. The main idea behind this device is to fight crime, especially those against women, with the help of technology. 

The innovation makes use of a combination of physical alarms, neighbours, community safety groups and the South Africa Police Services to collectively fight crime.

“Private security doesn’t go into rural areas or townships but we do. So we have a huge market to cater for. We bring all stakeholders to fight crime. Tomorrow I can’t say police are useless because I know I would have the power to be involved in fighting crime,” said founder Thulile Mthethwa in an interview with IOL. 

She said that they decided to create a physical remote as the alarm, instead of an app. The main motivation for this is that criminals tend to go for a victim’s phone first, but remotes are generally not of much value and ignored. 

When one presses the device, it activates an alarm at all relevant parties, like community policing forums, armed response teams and even neighbourhood watch teams in your area to dispatch as many teams to assist as possible.

The ultimate goal is to improve the response rate of crime fighting bodies by notifying as many service providers in a particular area of a crime being committed. 

The investment they received at the AYO Scaling Africa Series will be used to further refine and develop their product. Eventually, they want to hit the mainstream market in South Africa and roll this device out to as many communities as possible. 

The AYO Scaling Africa Series is committed to finding noteworthy business ideas in Africa and helping them to reach new heights and make their ideas a reality.